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Developed with expertise and knowledge to improve the life experiences for autistic people and people with an intellectual or developmental disability

Building parent knowledge, skills and confidence to support children and young people

Supporting professionals on this journey

InterAcT improve the life experiences of people


We bring practical strategies from clinical and health services settings to those who most need them. We aim to help children and young people by supporting their parents, educators and other professionals. We believe that InterAcT Supports will help enable families to Accomplish and Thrive together.

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The InterAcT Supports will be delivered in many formats in time.

Currently, InterAcT Supports are text-based Teaching Tools.

InterAcT Task Analyses, InterAcT Guides and Additional Resources are available below.

We will add further categories as InterAcT supports expand.

The InterAcT Supports are intended to be used together, combining to bring you our InterAcT Teaching Manual. Please continue to check back as our InterAcT Teaching Manual continues to grow.

The InterAcT Supports are designed to be accessible and support parents to select strategies most suited to their family situation, and meet their most pressing concerns.

InterAcT Supports are also designed to support professionals accompanying families on their journey.

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Here you will find Task Analyses on topics such as washing hands, using hand sanitiser, wearing gloves, wearing a mask, and on how to develop functional communication. There is also a useful guide explaining how to prepare a Task Analysis.

An InterAcT Task Analysis is created by breaking down complex tasks into a sequence of smaller steps. These small steps are presented in a chain. Instead of presenting the entire, complex task, each individual step in the chain is taught directly


Here you will find Guides on topics such as anxiety, communicating emotions, daily schedules, developing functional communication, positive reinforcement, practice and repeat strategy, prompting for success and a COVID-19 story on communication and connection along with a COVID-19 Glossary.

The InterAcT Guides explain various topics to build a parent’s knowledge and capacity in supporting their child/young person.


Here you will find links to further helpful websites, support materials and recommendations. To assist you there is also a Companion Directory provided. Topics under Additional Resources include activities and learning resources, autism, COVID-19, mental health and well-being, strategies, visual supports and lots more.

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